About Us

A Fusion of Culture, Backgrounds and Experiences

UNITY grass  is a sustainable venture comprised of a team of individuals spanning from all across the world. We pride ourselves on using the upmost knowledge and respect to tap into the ancient wisdom and medicinal values of the Sweetgrass plant.


Embracing the long used practices of our ancestors to offer access to a clearer mind, a calmer atmosphere and a more positive conscience, all through the enhancing powers of UNITY grass.

This is our gift to you, truly a gift. 

Meet The Team

Jenna Gutierrez
 Editor, Writer &

Co Creative Director

"As a world traveler, a child of an immigrant and an avid humanitarian, I believe Unity is at the basis of our ethos. Being a part of a handful of different cultures whilst growing up allowed me to render my love for community and all that it has to offer to the wellbeing of our world. Through my words and stories I hope to bring to life the spirit of sweetgrass and inspire a sense of Unity in all who wander here."

Wojciech Adam Cwiklinski

Co- Founder

"UNITY grass is a new Grassroots Movement. Created especially for YOU and by people like YOU. To enhance the Divine Feminine Energy of Mother Earth in all of us. Through a very aromatic plant that is very special and sacred to the Indigenous People of both, Eurasia and North America. Enjoy and share with others!"

Zayma Gorfe

-Co Creative Director & Marketing-

"Being someone from two very different worlds the word Unity has always meant so much to me. Being raised in Ethiopia and then making the move to Canada helped me recognize my love of new cultures, places and customs. 

UNITY grass is such a special project to be a part of, being that it is yet another way to share and learn about other customs, traditions and UNITY through sharing Sweetgrass." 

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