Did You Know...?

Some fun Sweetgrass facts and references to share knowledge, insight and inspiration on this worldly and widely used plant.


otherwise known as Hierochloe Odorata or Anthoxanthum nitens, is its scientific name, grows in the northern hemisphere around the world, including, Asia, Europe and North America.

Also known as...

vanillagrass, mannagrass and

holy grass. It is well known to many Indigenous people in Canada and the United States.  These groups consider this to be a sacred plant that holds deep spiritual value to them.

Spiritual Use

Known as a purifier and tool to call in peace, healing and positive energy.  A plant used alongside Sage, where sage cleanses the air, the ritual isn't complete without sweetgrass being burned to call in new positive healing energy.

Indigenous Use 

In Indigenous cultures it is used as a tool for smudging and cleansing ones surroundings and inner energy. Typically used along side Sage and burned before, during and after sacred ceremonies.   

Medicinal Use

Medically it has a wide range of benefits.  From aiding in cold and cough symptoms, used as a essential oil to clean cuts and scrapes, and has been known to treat swelling and types of edema.  

Cooking With Sweetgrass

The most common use for Sweetgrass in Europe is for cooking and flavouring drinks.  

Poland is a leading example creating unique flavours of alcohol.  

Others find it a great herb for cooking, in particular fish, chicken and roasted dishes.  

Basket Weaving

Sweetgrass has a rich history pre Emancipation Proclamation in the United States. It was used by the slaves, to weave baskets and intricate design that was taught for generations, deeply rooted in their African heritage.   

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