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A Sweetgrass Moon Ritual

Our Full Moon is fast upon us, coming up the first of October, returns the Harvest Moon in Aries. The moon throughout its many cycles, has held much meaning and guidance to tribes, religions, crafts and trades of all kinds, throughout the centuries.

It carries heavy energetic powers which has allowed it to fall into a place of refuge for many people over the ages. Giving up your worries and doubts to the universe, whilst instilling your manifestations for the duration of the next moon cycle.

You can find many resources on how to fine tune your Full Moon Ceremony to your liking and needs, but today we especially want to show you how Sweetgrass can be used to bring positivity into the space you hold for yourself during this time.

A little more about this Full Moon in Aries…

  • It is accompanied by a second full moon towards the end of the month, a Blue Moon in Taurus. Two full moons means a lot of energy. Rightfully, you should prepare for this combustive month of October.

  • The full moon invites you to purge and be rid of the unnecessary, be ready to shed the layers of negativity clinging to you from the past traumatic months and bring in the warmth and love we all so deeply deserve.

  • The Aries Full moon has the power to stir up negative energy, don’t allow the drama and personal differences add toxicity to your relationships and well being.

  • There is always beauty in the seemingly chaotic and that’s where Chiron comes in, the asteroid that is to be conjunct with the moon during this time. It is known as the wounded healer and the rainbow bridge.

It’s blazing energy represents the essence of awakening.

~ Not just for you, but the entire collective ~

Now that you know a bit more about what’s happening up in the cosmos, let’s dive into your ceremony.

What will you need, you ask?

  • Your UNITY Grass + other loose leaf ritualistic herbs (your choice)

  • A loose leaf incense burner/heat sensitive bowl

  • Your favorite candles

  • Pen + Paper

  • Matches/Lighter

  • Tarot Cards (if you so wish)

  • A guided or self read meditation

  • Anything else to keep you C O Z Y

On to the good stuff..

Step One :

Set up a sweet spot for you to welcome the moon into the night sky. Lay down a blanket, grab a comfy pillow and lay in front of you your tools. Begin by lighting your sweetgrass, allowing it to burn and wafting its smoke all around your space. Think of the positivity you are welcoming in and align the energy of the room with the energy of your heart;

peaceful, positive, light.

Step Two:

Take this time to breathe, begin your guided or self read/created meditation. Breathe in the scents of the sweetgrass, breathe deeply into your soul.

~ This is a lovely time to do a personalized mantra, bringing in the manifestations you hold dearest, to your practice.

Step Three:

Once you feel at peace with your meditative moment, take up to your pen and paper. Listing or expressing different releases and manifestations.

For example,

I call upon the universe to lead me through…

I release myself from...

I manifest the universes will within…

I forgive myself/others for…

Step Four:

Read aloud your written affirmations to the now risen full moon. Bask in its light and give up these worries to the universe. Now would be a beautiful time to relight your sweetgrass, thoroughly welcoming in the powerful positive energy of this delicious incense.

Special Note*~ it’s highly suggested to leave your crystals to charge in the moonlight overnight.

As always, wishing you the best in these wild times.

Happy Ritual-ing,

Xx UNITY Grass

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