• Jenna Gutierrez

New Beginning's: The Corn Full Moon

The last full moon of the summer days is upon us. From September 1st to the 4th you’ll be able to bask in the light of our secretive rock in the sky.

According to the Natives and Indigenous tribes of the great North Americas, each full moon brought upon a season of life, a change in the winds. They named each of these moons throughout their reign over these lands. To this day these names are used widely, after their spread through the Maine Farmers Almanac publication in 1818.

The Corn Moon or Barley Moon was known to recognize the harvest, but in our own way, we can use this time to harvest our emotions over the past 4 months of sunshine.

This full moon lands in the naturally psychic sign of Pisces. But with an alignment in Uranus, there is deeply awakening energy within. Uranus is the planet of awakening and change, which is a perfect opportunity to welcome the positive into that shift.

Using your UNITY grass to burn through this full moons ritual time, will allow the sweetgrass magic to work its way into this change of the seasons. Embracing the positive in all things.

Today is a new beginning for us here at UNITY grass, our new website is up and our gift is available for all to claim. We invite you to consider adding the positive vibes and healing properties of UNITY to your Full Moon Rituals and simply, your every day life.

We wish you all the best, during these changing, trying, yet ever progressive times.


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