The Great Conjunction

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

On December 21st Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct to display an intense brightness in our night sky

and release a surge of energetical power that many energetical experts say may change the course of humanity and the world as we know it.

There are a handful of things that create an aura around this day, that attract the eyes of many, including scientists.

The conjunction will occur on the same day we know as the winter solstice. Rising at 0.1 degrees in Aquarius, which inherently signifies the start of a new 200 year cycle of air signs, which are full of fast paced energy and swift changes. Many believe this signifies the changes to a brighter and better world, especially in light of our current world affairs.

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter alone, hasn't happened since 1623 but more specifically it hasn't happened in Aquarius since 1405, which was the beginning of the early renaissance.

Looking back to that era shows a widespread acceptance to the art world, a flowering of the cultures and an embracement of beauty in their then, modern living.

Furthermore Aquarius energy is about community, collaboration and humanity. We can only hope for a great link of creative minds in new beginnings and powerful projects.

This day has been much anticipated and spoken about by Indigenous Tribes, Biblical prophecies, Hopi Nation historic stories and the Uluru tribes in deep backlands of Australia.

Many tribesmen and nations will practice rituals on this historic day, hoping to capture the beautiful energy that will be swirling around us all.

This peak in energy signifies a rebirth of this earth. Some people may not be bothered by it, some may be sensitive to this shift.. But no matter what, it is happening — over the coming months you will start to notice the change in many aspects of life, growing ever more apparent with time.

Harness this energy during your own rituals on this magical day, welcome in the positive changes and beauty of Air Energy with a simple Sage + Sweetgrass ritual.

We will be joining you as well, celebrating the arrival of this energetic shift and soaking in the beauty of the brightest star in the sky in centuries!

Grab your UNITY Grass and join us.

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