What is UNITY Grass (Sweetgrass) Anyway?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

In the moist meadows and along the shady mountain canyons of North America, you’ll find a long time healer, one that possesses the powers to fill a room with soothing positivity. This healer is known to the modern earth as sweet grass. For centuries this sweet, vanilla scented grass has been burned, braided, inhaled and created-into by our Native Ancestors of these great North America’s.

Sweet Grass’ scientific genus, Hierochloe Odorata, literally means ‘fragrant holy grass’ and it is believed to welcome good spirits with its long-lasting vanilla aroma. Acting as a sort of Yin to Sage’s Yang, when burned in unison, the two complement one another immeasurably.

As sage wanes away the evil spirits, cleansing a living being or space, sweet grass welcomes in positivity and reduces stress, allowing your mind and body to relax and any anxieties or tensions to drift away.

Braiding sweet grass is a long used form of binding the pieces, for smudging and incense purposes. Beyond this its long strands have been used to create baskets and mats by indigenous humans, their scent is said to hold for years and years to come after fruition. Bringing positivity and relief wherever its aroma can be sensed.

Medicinally its smoke has been used to help treat the common cold and its many afflictions. When dried up and mixed with herbal blends to make a tea, it can assist in the treatment of coughs, sore throats, fevers and venereal diseases.

Over the next few weeks we will be diving deep into all the ways that sweet grass may benefit you. Ultimately, our mission as UNITY Grass is to bring you the long-valued healing properties of sweet grass for you to access your highest frequency of living. Sharing the positivity of sweet grass to the masses, so we as a community may heal our minds, body and surroundings.

We’re so thrilled to be bringing you this FREE offering that is so near and dear to us, to you-- our friends, followers, and fellow humans.

Peace & Unity to you all

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